Friday, November 30, 2012

My First Poem for My Love

remember what i told you
about the first time we met
that it was really not what
i had planned to set

but i was really glad
that you were there
things would've been different
if you had not flipped your hair

until now, we still laugh
on how it all begun
when we had thought
that this was just all for fun

yet here we are now
so in love and proud
fate had brought us together
out of the random crowd

and so, we renew our promise
on this very special day
that even though we're far apart
our love for each other will always stay...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Blood

Merlion and Marina Bay Sands
This is my first post. I really don't know what to write.. I'm not a good writer, i am more of a talker.. And I am not good in English.. I am currently consulting a dictionary/grammar book while writing this post.. :D

Let me give you a brief background of myself.. I am a Ralp (Yup, no "h".. I'm unique).. My friends call me Rap, Rap2 and lately, Rapp3rs.. I am a software developer, currently working here in Singapore.. I have just arrived here last April in this little city

That's briefly me.. You'll know me more when you start reading my blog.. Ok?

I would like to invite everyone to check this blog.. Feel free to comment/react.. 

NOTE: Bisdak diay ko mao mag-bisaya pud ko panagsa.. :)